Helping frustrated managers to change stifling processes and get the best from their teams

Welcome to Sixcessful

My simple approach.

I trust people – we are all capable and well-intentioned, the situation an individual is in has a huge impact on their behaviour (for good and bad)

I know how poor processes frustrate and break great people and, more importantly, how people flourish when processes work with them.

I identify what obstacles stifle individuals and teams in day to day activities.

I help create simple, easy to introduce changes, leveraging behavioural insights that get the best from individuals and teams.

Which results in capable well-intentioned people being brilliant.

And deliver brilliantly

Sixcessful introduction

How We Help


Individuals are generally capable and well intentioned.

We start from a position of trust


Inappropriate obstacles stop the flow of good work

We identify and remove obstacles


Situations individuals find themselves in has a huge impact on their performance

We create better situations


Good processes allow individuals to play to their strengths and deliver more

We use behavioural insights to show your strengths

Poor Processes

Poor processes inhibit, frustrate and ultimately break good people

We create better processes


Appropriate effective changes will help you deliver more

We identify simple, easy to introduce changes


Hard work, integrity and perseverance are just a few of Mark’s attributes. As Mark’s colleague, I’ve benefited from his creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes to translate vision into reality.
Mark is a true leader. He has the ability to always think out of the box, reading the scene and tuning all the inputs he is receiving, asking the right questions to help extract the essential message and adapt it to the audience to achieve the desired outcome.... And has been the best help to analyse why teams were not in tune and what we could try to do about it
I worked with Mark on the Discovery 5 and on the JLR new Architecture. He's a really supportive team member, a good advisor and I always trusted his judgement and recommendations. We worked together on some tricky challenges and He was a big asset for the team. He's calm, balanced and fair. I hope we'll work together again.

About Me

My name is Mark Davison and I am passionate about helping you improve.

I love seeing the people I am with shine, by demonstrating their strengths, come together in a team and deliver great stuff.

Projects are brilliant when this happens and a nightmare when it doesn’t.