The start of a new chapter

31st May 2019 will be forever etched in my memory, as this was the date I left Jaguar Land Rover after almost 21 years.

It was an emotional day with much thinking backwards and forwards – What have I done? What am I doing? What have I done? – along with a lot of reflecting.

Over the previous 20 years, I’d been incredibly fortunate to work within that amazing company.

I enjoyed being part of the business during its growth, mergers, decline, takeovers and growth again, while adapting to significant changes in technology, customers and markets.

I engineered, delivered and project managed fabulous products. I grasped many opportunities and missed a few, gained knowledge and resilience, honed skills and travelled, learned huge amounts from world-class experts, worked within and led extremely strong teams with extraordinary people.

But… there was always a ‘but’.

Over recent years, we just grew apart – culminating on 31st May.

Looking to the future

“Leave things in a better place than when you started“ is a line I love and one that’s always helped me decide the right thing to do.

To get to a better place in the future I would take the summer off, spend quality time with my kids, complete lots of items on my ‘to-do’ list and think about the next 20 years.

I would also start a company.

This last one has been hugely challenging on many fronts – I’ve had to learn how to start and grow a business, entice clients and retain them, while identifying what I’m good at and what value I can  bring.

What are my values?

I trust people – we are all capable and well intentioned. The situation an individual is in has a huge impact on their behaviour.

I know how poor processes in business frustrate and break great people. And, more importantly, how people flourish when business processes work with them instead of against them.

I identify what obstacles stifle individuals and teams in day-to-day activities.

I’ve created simple, easy-to-introduce changes, leveraging behavioural insights that get the best from individuals and teams.

In short, I help frustrated managers get the best from their teams by changing stifling processes.

This is my value.

So, in September Sixcessful Projects and Insights Ltd became a real thing.

And now… I’m still learning lots and quickly.

  • How to run a business – with huge help from Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub and Chamber
  • Continuing to develop my project delivery and behavioural insight knowledge – based on the work of Thomas Gilbert, David Halpern and the BiT, Richard Thaler, APM, Edward Tufte, Anne Chung, Les McKeown, Nick Chater, Lee Ross, Alex Lindley, Jez Groom, Don Norman (they don’t know me, but I love their work and books)
  • Ways to embrace social media – David Hieatt, R Shotton, Do Books
  • Using knowledge I’ve gained from great people I’ve worked with before – Lindsey, Lloyd, Rob, Mercedes, Holden and many more… you know who you are
  • Learning to share my message – thanks Rob Harrison, Helen Pritchard, Clare McKee

As for the future…

The hunt for my first client continues.

Oh, and get a better website!.. [edit now done!]




Thanks, Mark

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