It has been interesting to help individuals become effective team members and create strong teams to help deliver projects.

In building a team I consider 3 items – Trust, Type and Strengths.



I start from a position of trust.

If you are on my team I automatically trust you.

I have found this positive basis is reciprocated and leads to great open work relationships.

However, trust can be lost – on both sides of the relationship. Behaviourally we don’t like to lose things we have. Therefore we will work to keep the trust and all the benefits.



Each individual will bring different characteristics to the team – a unique blend of gender, age, sexuality, interests, habits and skills.

And they generally are a personality ‘type’.

Many personality type assessments exist – OCEAN, Myers Briggs, DISC, Red Green Blue Yellow.

My preference is VOPS – check out Do Lead by Les McKeown from the excellent Do Books range.

V – Visionaries: we are going here

O – Operators: let’s get the job done.

P – Processors: what systems and processes do we need.

S – Synergists: work with the V-O-P to get the best for the team/ project/ company.

It’s a simple, system 1 friendly, way of considering the natural style and strengths of your team members.



Many people are asked to improve on their weaknesses. This is difficult and frequently unsuccessful as they are being asked to change the way they naturally act, think, feel.

This will clash with System 1 and 2 thinking and cause frustration not to achieve the expected improvement.

A different approach is to maximise the strengths (what they are good at) of the individual.

Consider a strengths-based assessment.

The results will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and see what role suits your type.

Working in a position that allows you to often use your strengths brings extra energy, ability and enjoyment to the benefit of the individual and the team.


Please consider you, your team and your project.

Are you trusting?

Do you know their personality types?

Are the roles aligned to their strengths?


These steps have helped me work in better teams.

That changed my behaviour and the ability to deliver projects.

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