I have been delivering projects – large and small – over the past 21 years. Professionally, in pharmaceutical, automotive, defence and education sectors. Personally, with home renovation, car restoration and many family activities.


They all had great challenges and great rewards.


Applying behavioural insights to my projects for the past 5 years have made those projects the most fun, interesting and productive of my career.



Behavioural Insights bring a great combination of tools, processes, teamwork and achievement.

Making data relevant, easy to understand and tell a story. (Article #1)

Making tools and processes system 1 friendly. (Article #2).

Finding and developing the strengths of my team members. (Article #3).

Using mental models to rapidly understand and analyse a situation. (Article #4)



Behavioural Insights can be applied to any existing activity

Each change is small and easy to understand.

Each change is simple to introduce.

Each of these changes compounds to make a massive difference.


The result.

Better people, better projects, better business.



What next?

Firstly – many thanks for reading these articles.

Secondly – I will continue to keep learning and applying behavioural insights.

Finally- I would be delighted to help you – personally or within your business.


To get in touch – direct message through LinkedIn, alternatively call me on 07833 160 860 or mail mark@sixcessful.co.uk


Many thanks





Mark Davison.

Sixcessful Projects and Insights


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